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Be Kind to Yourself

Over the past several months, I continue to see the ever-growing movement for KINDNESS. The message is popping up on street signs, social media postings, t-shirts, greeting cards, magnets, coffee mugs, accessories and in conversation as vast as the Golden Globes. The movement is starting to take a foothold and as a society we are embracing the pure & wonderful nature of just being nice, kind and understanding towards one another. This simple gesture is so powerful and can have such an enormous shift in the attitude, health and well-being of so many.

As I sit back and smile with hope that kindness will continue to become a greater and greater part of our everyday lives, I recognize an important fact. In order for us to be kind towards one another and have the heart to pass kindness along, it must start by being to kind to ourselves.

So, with that said, take pause and recognize that it truly is your time. With the start of the new year, it brings us the start of new beginnings, a fresh approach, a reset and a rebirth. Take a few minutes and just be nurturing, loving and sweet to you. You deserve it. You are you, and embrace you. Whether it is taking a long walk, reading a book, playing a card game, listening to music, taking in a movie, visiting an art gallery, enjoying a nice glass of red wine, visiting with a friend that makes you feel good about you, getting a Swedish massage, soaking in a hot tub, sipping on an earl grey, treating yourself to a special ice-cream treat, a little soiree with your favorite people, a trip to the beach and soaking in the sun and sand, flying a kite, taking a bike ride, or just being in the silence and comfort of your home. Whatever it is that puts you in your happy zone, go for it. Give yourself permission to be kind to you.

There are a plethora of published articles, blog posts and research studies that support the notion that if you are nice to yourself, you will reap enormous benefits – both physically and emotionally. So, not only are you passing kindness and goodness onto another person, you are taking great care of ‘you’. Being kind to others does make you happier. By treating ourselves with the same love and understanding we give to others, we become more upbeat people. Performing ‘random acts of kindness’ has been touted as a sure-fire way of boosting your mood. Doing good makes you feel good!

A March, 2017 article by Reader’s Digest suggests that you can experience 12 positive health benefits by just being nice to yourself.

One of my most favorite yet simple quotes comes from Positivity Note:

“The first rule of kindness is to be kind to yourself”.

Here’s to a 2019 filled with an overabundance of kindness. Cheers to you!

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