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Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Being friendly towards one another is kind-hearted, pleasant and good-natured. It’s such a tender and fuzzy feeling when a passer-by takes a moment to nod, gives you a simple greeting by smiling or waving.

It’s a kindness gesture to simple say that you care and you took a tiny morsel of your time to just recognize the people around you. And, perhaps you may have touched them with a sunny smile sensation.

Did you ever notice, if you simply smile or say ‘hello’ to others on your same foot-path, their entire body language changes? They may pick their head up just a little higher, you may see a bright glee in their eyes or receive a nod right back at you.

When I’m walking my Boston Terrier, Nash, he often gets a tremendous amount of attention. Most everyone ‘loves’ him! Our park-friends want to pet Nash, hold him and ask many questions about him. The smiles are a mile-wide when they see Nash coming. Nash is the ‘friendliest’ and most playful dog, ever. The amount of happiness he gives to others in the park, is quite a gift.

Our cute furry friends have a way of doing that…they bring out such gratifying feelings in us.

An older gentleman, a few weeks ago, was walking his big senior best friend, and stopped to chat with me (and Nash). He said, “I remember when Buster had all of that energy. It’s unfortunate, that we start to slow down as we become seniors…but, I love seeing all of that energy in Nash. It puts a pep back in my step”. He thanked me for stopping and chatting with him. He said “Nash made my day”.

It was such a great feeling to experience that moment of friendliness between the four of us.

“Your cheerful & friendly neighbor approach may brighten a moment in the life of another”.

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