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Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Goodness is a euphemism for God. That makes total sense! God is all things good (as my dear friend, Petra, would say).

Goodness is just so pure and simple – be a good person. One that provides generosity, honesty and sense of upstanding morale values that overflow with integrity.

Is it possible to turn the bad into good? Lemons into lemonade? Sour to sweet? Hatred to kindness? Agitation to calm? Noise to tranquility? Stingy to big-hearted? Lies to truth? Insincere to sincere? Dishonest to genuine? Naughty to nice? Meager to generous? Wicked to wonderful? Conflict to resolution? Untrustworthy to trustworthy? Shallow to profound? War to peace? Disloyal to loyal? Dark to bright? Sad to happy? Bad to good?

The world could be an honest-to-goodness, beautiful place if we all took a goodness-stance.

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