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They walk in beauty, peacefulness, and grace…

In the back roads of Pennsylvania, there sits a charming cottage. It’s a peaceful place, with a bubbling brook that calms the spirit. The pure tranquility can make you feel like you have escaped into a bubble of goodness. My sweet friend, Dani, once said, “I feel like I’m drugged when I come here, and I don’t ever want to go back outside.”

It was in this cottage nest, with a warm fire blazing, sharing a glass of red, breaking bread, surrounded by a blanket of my dear friends, that I truly came to understand the pure, in-depth, and profound reality of the meaning of “grace” and to be “filled with grace.”

The word “grace” is so pretty, and when it flows from our lips, it sings with a lovely sound. Over my sojourn, I have been blessed with an extremely tightknit circle of girlfriends. These lovely treasures have filled my life with all beautiful things. There is no drama, only goodness. The stillness within each of us overflows with the purity of love, deep concern, and sincere friendship for one another. We share a sweet bond. These females are filled with beauty from within, are charming, each a breathe of ease, forgiving, considerate, fiercely strong, individually defined and independent, and magically merciful. These billowing butterflies are immersed in grace from head to toe. Every thought, every gesture, everything that sprouts from within, overflows with grace.

My group of goddesses are givers of charm and beauty.

Her beauty walks before her Night and day blend together In cloudless skies and starry nights Her eyes warm the earth and Mellow human hearts.

Rays of the sun glow in her wake As she walks with grace and beauty Making her hair sparkle and shine With each step and lightens her face With an iridescent glow.

Her smile warms everybody she meets With such softness and eloquent grace Yet with the innocence of youth She puts men’s hearts at peace With her inner calm and kind heart.

Author: David Wood

Take a kind-moment, and recognize the beautiful grace on the inside of those walking with a heartbeat.

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