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Jamaican Me Happy

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, my fiancé and I took an amazing trip to Jamaica. It was the first time I’ve visited the island, and I was truly blown away by the people. The Jamaican people are magical; they are filled with a spirit of kindness.

There is a popular saying that goes, “Being Jamaican is not a nationality, it’s an experience,” and boy, what an experience it was. What you read and hear about the Jamaican culture is quite true. Jamaica was one of the friendliest places I have ever visited, and the people are so easy to get along with as well as over-the-top welcoming and grateful.

Jamaica’s motto is “Out of many, one people,” and you feel like you are “one people” when you visit this extraordinary, kind country. An immediate bond is made when you meet this tight-knit community. They want to please you and do everything humanely possible to make you feel happy. While sitting at the swim-up bar at the pool, our desired drink of choice was already being served and given to us with a pure heart of kindness and desire to make you feel special and “taken care of.”

The Jamaican language (Patois) is obviously quite unique, and by day-one, you find yourself saying, “Ya man,” and wanting to listen to Bob Marley all day long. Swaying to the island reggae music and sprawling in the warmth of the welcome, a dreamy and euphoric feeling stays with you throughout your entire stay.

The “one people” mantra finds its way through the entire experience. Not only is the Jamaican community filled with happiness, but the other people we met throughout our stay were just as happy and friendly. We were so grateful for the connections we made, the conversations that were had, and the joy that was shared. The happiness and togetherness that was felt throughout our stay was extraordinary.

Not only are you surrounded by beautiful people in Jamaica, you are surrounded by the year-round lush greenery and the beautiful white sand beaches that flow from the crystal blue Caribbean.

As you embark on your next sojourn, I’d highly recommend that you visit Jamaica. You will be welcomed with open arms, a time filled with great joy and a high spirit of gratitude.

I found this poem on the website, written by “A Mouse.” I thought these written words summed up the Jamaican world so wonderfully:

My mind is always in Jamaica it’s where my heart wants to be.

For Jamaica holds a special place just waiting there for me.

There’s a sense of freedom that I just can’t explain.

I feel it when my mind is true and she won’t leave my brain.

It has to do with island life and the beautiful turquoise sea.

But more than that I know I’ll find the people there for me.

I know it’s true of what they say I see it in their smiles.

All who come and dare to stay can be Jamaican for a while.

I’d like to be counted among the few who dare to live a dream.

And find myself living there just as it seems.

Then I’ll smile at myself while sitting on the beach.

At just how easy life is and not so out of reach.

I encourage you to pass on the Jamaican-me-happy, ya man.

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