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Why Write the Kindness Matters Blog?

Hello and Welcome to the Kindness Matters Blog. Thank you for joining me and come on in. This is not your typical blog.

This is a haven meant to provide you with a place to take “a kind moment” for yourself; a spot where you will find a simple kindness snippet that may inspire you to pass on a piece of kindness to others, and just perhaps become part of a movement to make the world a kinder place; a space to feel warm, cozy, and where you can seek out a simple, gentle reminder or two that being kind to yourself and others can potentially make a tad of difference in the world around us. And maybe, just maybe, give you a little gentle juice and the gift of kindness, making you feel good inside with an inspiring message filled with desire and motivation to help get us all back to the purity of being friendly, generous, considerate, and simply kind to one another.

Sadly, some of these simple and kind gestures have been fading as the sun sets and the sun rises each day.

I want to believe we all would enjoy being treated with kindness, and that each one of us can play a tiny role in making a difference in the lives of one another just by enjoying and embracing the simple things in life: like a cardinal flying in the wind and realizing life is but a fleeting moment, or the gentle sound of a bubbling brook, or the budding of green newness as spring fills the air.

One might ask, “What inspired you to begin writing this message?” It was the loss of a loved one—my husband; holding him in my arms and watching him take his final breath and, in that profound moment, realizing life is but a fleeting moment. I was transformed through that event and thought by writing a message, perhaps my story could potentially inspire others to take a step back and embrace and enjoy the goodness that is surrounding us each and every day. One of the last chats my late husband and I had was this: If your feet hit the ground in the morning, you are fortunate to have that moment and that day. Embrace it. Cherish it. Make the best of it. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Yesterday is gone. You only have right now.

I’m not naïve to think that many of us don’t struggle with the ups and downs life can throw our way. The trials and tribulations of life can be extremely distressing. Yes, many of us are faced with life-threatening illness. Death. Financial struggles. Job loss. Drugs. Alcohol addiction. Crime. Hatred. Senseless acts of violence. Natural world disasters, and bundles of baggage. Sadly, we are experiencing too many of these things. Could we possibly make a difference by embracing and finding just one tiny, little thing to be grateful for each day? By giving yourself the permission to take a kind moment for yourself?

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