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She lived, she breathed, she was a profound human being that left a tremendous mark on this world. She was a delightful daughter, a kind sister, a loving wife and caring mother, a beautiful grandmother, a sensational sister-in-law, a sweet aunt, a tremendous friend, a successful professional, a strong mentor, a survivor, a battle baron, and a wise woman. She was charismatic, a born creator, and a witty wonder. She carried herself with a unique style and grace. She traveled near and far on her sojourn and conquered the world. She was fierce in her determination to achieve greatness. She was a matriarch in her craft. She was world renown, and a charming gift from God.

Sadly, she faced the valley of death. Something each and every one of us will face one day. The loss of a loved one—a friend, a partner, a child, a wife, a husband, an associate, a neighbor, a grandparent, a close family member, a pet, a relative, someone that touched your heart—is never easy. The person you loved gave you a basket of bountiful gifts: marvelous memories, wise words, lots of laughs, true triumphs, sweet celebrations, a large shoulder to cry on, a meaningful message, paved the way filled with aspirations, and cared deeply about you and your well-being; a human being that seared your heart with goodness.

Each one of us can put a name to this story and write our own words.

My words today are written about my dear friend, Annie. When I walked through the doors of Brunner Advertising, Annie was there to meet me with open arms and led the way for me. She took me under her wing and became my instant mentor, a confidant and, most meaningfully, my friend.

Annie was an educator. She gave me guidance on many life lessons, which helped to shape me into the person I am today. Annie was not only supportive, but she told it like it was and counseled me through rough patches, providing words of wisdom that often times were not easy to hear. She could be tender and soft, but she could also be fierce and direct. She always had my best interest in mind and we built a mutual respect and understanding for one another. Our relationship was special and my memories of her are vast. I’m beyond grateful for the time I shared with Annie.

It’s not my place to tell the back story of my dear friend, but if I can leave you with a message today, it is to remember that life is just a fleeting moment and to make the best of your time with those that you cherish.

Embrace the wonder of life and the time you have, for yourself and with others.

Today, my dear friend’s close family and friends are filled with heart-heavy sorrow. We lost a loved one. As you continue to walk through your journey, take a moment to reflect, recognize, and be present for those individuals around you that may be suffering from life’s misfortunes. Try to remain a devoted, loving person and provide support and sympathy.

My departing words with Annie were quite touching. We thanked one another for our friendship and expressed our love for another other. I know my dear friend is resting in peace.

Annie’s presence will be forever tattooed on my heart.

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